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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by tunsis, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. tunsis

    tunsis Likes Bikes

    Anybody had any luck with sourcing MTB helmets overseas?

    Wiggle, CRC, zee Germans all seem to geo-block (though often the AUS standard sticker is present).
  2. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    For you the bigger consideration is insurance from what I've been told ... insurers check helmet certification on claims. We all know Insurers live to pay out claims.
  3. rowdyflat

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    I bought one from CRC = no problem, I am not worried about a sticker.
  4. The Duckmeister

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    As mentioned above, that sticker gets important if insurance gets involved. Also if you're racing the rules will usually make specific mention of an Australian Standards approved hat, which is often checked at rego. No sticker, no race.

    The other thing is fit. Not all helmets and are created equal, and nor are heads (same deal as saddles and bums). Unless it's one you've had before, you're taking a blind leap of faith buying one untested for comfort.
  5. Ezkaton

    Ezkaton Eats Squid

    I bought a 661 Rage helmet a few years back from TBSM, and it was labelled on their site as AU Certified... doesn't have a sticker anywhere...

    Is it just luck of the draw? I rarely spot AU Certification stickers on helmets in the wild.

    I have read it's necessary to use an AU Certified helmet when racing, but I never, ever see anyone checking helmets to make sure.
  6. caad9

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    If you find a Giro Montaro or Switchblade for a decent price, I'm all ears
  7. madstace

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    +1 to all of this. Best bet for savings is to have your LBS match Pushys or MTBD if they have what you're after for good pricing.
  8. mtb101

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    the standards were revised a 4-5 years ago by the au industry body - it seems research discovered the aussie head is more egg like brittle ... from the sun so just to be certain we better have our own standards. and would you believe unless a manufacturer wants to get their helmet certified again they cant sell into AU.

    could it have been a business decision as we know eu and us standards are just as valid, so conclusion was it's about creating a monopoly on helmet sales in au, and guess what they cost twice as much for identical helmets, what da?

    what to do, thinking, thinking, .... buy your favorite helmets from crc, then buy aldi helmet, put sticker on os helmet, all good ride on.
  9. Mr Crudley

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    I think they roll the costs for AU certification testing into the pricetag. If they don't have a volume seller then it probably uneconomic to bother. I bet the chain store helmets are rebranded 'something elses'.

    I find it hard to believe that the EU/US standards are anything less, like I'm sure Giro and Bell etc go out of their way to make unsafe helmets for any market.

    Would work unless someone really checked it. My Giro has no AU cert and was purchased online and I don't really care to be honest. I could bring along another AU certified helmet if I ever raced. IMHO, it has evolved into one of those stupid regulatory things that is a marginal case at best but good ammo for bottom dweller insurance and lawyer purposes.
  10. pharmaboy

    pharmaboy Eats Squid

    Obviously, they make helmets purely for the Australian market and put those stickers on. You are almost certain to die with one of those euro helmets on.

    BUT! there is no fucking chance in hell that an insurance company would give a fuck about what helmet you had on (3rd party ) and even less chance they would try and defend a claim on that basis
  11. rstim

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    Mountainbikesdirect have switchblade @ $270 and montaro @ $170
  12. ozzybmx

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    MTBA now specify, a helmet must meet AS2063 or equivalent. This is for any racing event... BUT some events might specify you have an Australian standard helmet or no race.

    The equivalent standards are -

    NSI Z90.4;
    Snell “B” or “N” series;
    ASTM F-1447.
    Canadian CAN/CSA-D113.2-M;
    S. CPSC standard for bicycle helmets;
    European CEN standard for bicycle helmets (EN1078)
  13. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    I've brought plenty. They all worked exactly how you expect. I currently roll domestic helmets because I scored some nice ones cheap. You could get a fine if the police officer really wanted to push it. A friend copped one similar on a motor bike. I've never had any issue and been pulled up by the cops lots.

    Historically full face helmets didn't meet the standard. I believe it related to the covering of your ears and restricted vision as the standard was road cycling focused. I may be rong about this though.

    Except the stickers are tamper proof and state "void" if you try to do this.
  14. schred

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    Another concern I have, and have been burnt by was old date of manufacture. Never seen/heard of mtb industry try to put a lifespan on helmets, but personally 3-5years feels about right regardless of activity.

    I've seen the stickers for sale in bulk for moto helmets, can't remember where. Obv don't do it.
  15. Warp

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    I assume that includes the straps?

    Last time I checked the major departure from AUSNZ standards were the straps and its method of testing. As example, MET helmets for AUSNZ are heavier due to different straps. The EU/US designs have ventilated, light straps and the AUSNZ have normal, heavier straps. The rest of the helmet is exactly the same.
  16. mekros

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    Motorbike helmet rules have been relaxed a little, ECE certified helmets are allowed.
  17. JTmofo

    JTmofo XC Enthusiast

    Yep, australian shops sell Non aus Standards stickered helmets now, just ECE certified.
    Opens up some great os options.

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  18. tunsis

    tunsis Likes Bikes

    MTBD did have a Giro Switchblade sale on, $270 for the not so brill off white colour but its ended now and they are back up at $340.

    Lots of overseas retailers wont ship helmets to AUS, but I found that jensonusa or bikeinn will deliver Switchblades (with a EU standard that is AS2063 equivalent) for $305 ish.

    I wanted a full face lid in response to OTB and coming mighty close to breaking my jaw and losing teeth. But in thinking about it, removing the chin guard on a Switchblade and tootling along was just asking for trouble. Ended up getting a Fox Proforma from MTBD. It was an okay price, lighter than the Giro, ventilates and fulfils the primary purpose of facial protection.
  19. swaz

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    Not sure about other cycling bodies, but MTBA make specific mention of "internationally certified helmet" in their rules. Meaning, that as long as you have a helmet that is certified, you can race. The same is now true for motorcycle helmets.
  20. caad9

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    Yep, the sales are always on the nasty colourways.

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