Calling all intense spider owners...


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Needing a new trail bike...and the intense spider 275c has caught my eye..on paper the geo is spot on but what im after is who here has one and what bike could you compare it to.

Im coming from a yeti sb5 and commencal meta trail to give you an idea of what i expect...
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I have the aluminium one, because carbon fibre can eat a bag of Dicks :p

I havn't had a bike like it so nothing to compare it directly to.

It's much faster around trails and climbs than my tracer2 26", doesn't soak up the chatter as well but also feels just as capable of taking everything I had the balls to swing at the tracer. Much more efficient ride with seemingly stuff all trade off to the longer legs.

Compared to my Titus rockstar 29er it's possibly not as good on the fire trail but beats it hands down in every other aspect. Rough climbs and switchbacks are perceptibly easier on the spider and descending is a blast.

Mines set up with a cane Creek inline rear and fox talas 140/120 ctd front. Might go a way to explaining the efficiency and the loss of small bump compliance but I don't mind because the trade off seems fair to me.

In a nutshell, the thing is a hoot to ride. Havn't had this much fun since I first went from a hardtail to my 2001 tracer :-D

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I've got a Spider 29C, it's a bit like a Tallboy to ride but pedals better. I haven't ridden a 275, but I've got a Carbine in 27.5 and it's pretty good but not so great on the pedalling.

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Saw this earlier... (although I think its a tracer?)
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Whoa, that was intense, dude, bitchen.........
</so cal accent>

The Tracer looks like a lot of fun though :) I'd love to have a blat on one.

The only thing that scared me with the Spider was the reported seat tube / shock mount cracks on the 2015 models. There are a few reports of it.

I hope they beefed up that junction.
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I brought one for the other half and she loves it. Buillt up nice and light and the colours on carbon are pretty cool. I also have a Primer and she prefers to ride the spider. I haven't had a chance to take it for a lap yet (because the primer is so good, I dont want to ride anything else).

I have come off a few different Santa Cruz (Bronson V1, Nomad. Bronson V2) and it seems as though the tweaks that have been made to the VPP make them much poppier bikes with more progression on the shock while keeping a bottomless feeling.