ACT Canberra 'mountain bike experience'


Eats Squid
Appears there is some consultation about what we want for Canberra in terms of MTB trails:

Canberra is home to strong and growing mountain biking culture. Our region contains a unique diversity of trails that cater for everyone from professional mountain bike riders to first time riders wanting to improve their fitness.

You are invited to contribute ideas for creating a mountain bike trail network for our growing city. We will be considering existing mountain bike trail networks and thinking about their connectivity, identity and management. There will also be opportunities to explore options for new trails that enhance mountain bike experiences and consider our local environment and other users

Article in paper:


Eats Squid
My initial proposal would be to allow the Majura trails to make use of the old access road up the mountain, and add some elevation to the current network. Could have proper shuttle days etc then, and also present opportunity to be linked up via centenary trail.

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