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    Hi Guys

    Recently had a few dramas trying to keep the latest Niner Air 9 rdo in one piece and ended top on a cannonade fsi2.

    Item: Cannondale FSi2
    Purchased From: Degrandi Geelong
    Purchase Price (approx): 5k
    Usage: about 100km

    Pros -
    The lefty
    Frame is nice and stiff (for xc use)
    Did I say Handling
    Pretty nice spec
    and the lefty

    Cons -
    the carbon seatpost broke after 2km
    lefty makes some funny noises when locked out
    lots of cannonade specific parts

    Well cannonade really weren't on my radar at all.
    It was pretty much a default sort of purchase id had dramas with the new air 9 niners, I tried to get a mondraker podium but they were out of stock in large. Santa Cruz couldn't get me a frame, even Scott didn't have anything in my size.
    I'd been trying to replace an old xc bike since may and it was doing my head in so I took the punt on a cannonade and I'm really happy I ended up on one.

    The handling of the bike downhill and through the tight twisty stuff is just awesome I've never rode a xc bike that is so much fun to descend on. You can really throw it around and even slide both wheels and you feel like your still in control just puts a big smile on your face.
    I was not super excited about the lefty fork I mean how could you be just look at it! But after coming off the latest fox 32 step cast boost fork and before that a Sid xx I was amazed at how stiff the fork is. Im not sure if the bike handles so well because of the fork or the geometry but who cares because it works really well together.

    The bike came with lots of carbon bits, bars, rims and seat post and while the bars and rims look ok the seat post snapped straight away (2km.) I had another pro carbon post that I put in and thats fixed that. But its a bit disappointing.

    Probably the other disappointment was the Magura brakes, I've ridden xtr for a few years now and well the maguras are nothing on those even with the 180mm rotor on the front the power was well down. The levers were really flexy too. I've put on a set of xtr brakes now with 160mm rotors and its all good.

    Being a bit fussy but the bike was way to orange and black for my taste. I swapped the factory orange and black seat out for a black saddle and the orange stickers peeled of the wheels so its a bit more subtle now.

    I'd recommend trying one if your into xc racing or fast hardtail trail riding.


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  2. clockworked

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    I had to look up whether that was a 29er or 650b; you're frame size makes those wheels look small!
  3. yuley95

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    Good review! Glad you are enjoying it after the ordeal with Niner.

    What model are the Migura's? I've heard people say the levers are flexy but a lot of people still seem rate them as a good brake.
  4. JOSHY7

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    The brakes are " magura mt race" but like I said the xtr with a smaller rotor are much more powerful .

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