Change gear without pedalling - HxR EasyShift

Discussion in 'General MTB Discussion' started by Rossm, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Rossm

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    Anyone else seen this? Or ridden it??

    Interesting concept - move the free hub from rear wheel to the crank & fix the rear hub. So the chain is always running & you can then shift without putting in pedal strokes. It only works for 1x systems, and as the rear is essentially a fixie, there might be sudden pain if a chain drops :heh:

    Benefits in quick shift on lumpy terrain & fast corners??
  2. flamin'trek

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    No a new concept, it was tried years ago. The chain moving the whole time seems to be a bad idea. Smashing down a descent, not pedaling to keep tension on the chain seems like a recipe for chain drop. Also having a moving chain next to your legs while coasting doesn't seem the best idea. Might be ok for commute with a full chain guard though.
  3. Knuckles

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    Yeah, they mandate a chain guide with the system. Dropping a chain has the potential to destroy the entire drive train, rear wheel, chain and seat stays.
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  4. moorey

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    Recommended for Yetis then?

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