Cheap Shimano Vs cheap Mavic wheels!


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Cheap Shimano Vs cheap Mavic wheels.

I have a cheap set of Shimano M565 and Mavic Crossride wheels. Both wheelsets are about the same RRP (~$350), are well looked after only being used on road or light XC, and hubs are stripped and re-greased if ridden through mud etc. The wheels are on different bikes (Shimano now on the wifes bike, and Mavic on my bike), with skewers and cone nuts done up to approximately the same tension.

When bikes are turned upside down and the wheels spun at approximately the speed, both front wheels spin for an almost equal length of time. However, the rear shimano spins for about 2/3 the time the front wheels do, yet the rear crossride stops spinning rather quickly, I haven't timed it but at a guess much less than a 1/4 of the front wheels?

So my question is, does this mean the rear crossride is adding a heap of resistance to my riding or not?
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