Chisel...but not as we know it.


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Take one Specialized Chisel......(because they didn't have any frames left).
Remove all the manky stuff, box it up and deny ever having owned such tutt.
Order various overpriced parts....(just not as overpriced as SRAM)
Use cunning and knowledge to build weapon that no one here will care about because it isn't carbon and doesn't have 170mm travel and the latest high pivot, belt driven, niche' ooogamaflap.
Post it up anyway, if only to embrace the inevitable ridicule and use it as strength with which to destroy my enemies.

Frame - Specialized Chisel. Large
Front shock/fork - SID 120mm
Handlebars - Roval 35mm Carbons
Stem - PRO 60mm alloy
Grips - EDI Super CHunky
Saddle - Speciaklized Phenom 143mm
Seatpost - Thomson Elite ...RIGID.... Dropper posts are the work of Beezelbub.
Front brake - Magura MT4.
Rear brake - Magura MT4
Cranks - Shimongrel XTR 175mm
Chain - XTR 12 speed
Pedals - XTR
Rear derailleur - XTR 12 speed
Rear shifter - XTR 12 speed
Cassette - XTr 12 speed 51
Front Wheel - DT Swiss 1900
Rear Wheel - DT Swiss 1900
Tyres - Specialized fasttracks
Tubes - Oh yes. Latex is only good for making gimp suits.
Total weight - I don't care!

Chisel RF.jpgXTR RD.jpgXTR Crank.jpgChisel 3:4.jpgChisel Front end.jpg


Whack a Syntace hi-flex on there and give yourself some comfort.
Bloke at work got a red one, they’re a nice looking frame but somehow don’t think his build is as nice yours;)


say no to ooogamaflap
As others have said, I would piss that Thomson post off as they are the least flexible thing known to man!
Otherwise, it is a stellar build.
Thanks Bear. I use Thomson because they are quite simply, the best. In all my 30 years as a rider and bike mechanic, I have NEVER, EVER had a Thomson post fail. Never seen one even close to failing. Flexible they are not, agreed, but if I wanted flexible, I'd have taken up yoga.


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" Post it up anyway, if only to embrace the inevitable ridicule and use it as strength with which to destroy my enemies. "
I like your style !


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Hows it ride on the 120mms?
Im looking at a new hardtail.

Dont want full enduro 170mm hardtail dont want a 100mm xc race bike.

One of these is on the list (also a fuse with 29 wheels)


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Nice! I did something similar. Exact same base bike, but went with 100mm 34SC, XT and i9 wheels. Super whippy and heaps of fun to ride.

How do you find the 120mm up front?