Chromoly frames and corrosion


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I pulled the seat post out of my frame today (Ragley Blue Pig) and I noticed there is surface rust inside the seat tube. Its probably from washing the bike. Ordinarily i would just give it a sand and spray some paint on it, but then the post wouldn't fit in. Im new to chromoly frames, it this something i should be worried about?


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Not Really.

Wipe as much out as you can with a rag, (lightly) grease your seatpost and try not to wash your bike too much :)


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Every few years I spray some wd-40, chain lube or whatever is lying about down all the bottle cage holes and seat and chain stay vent holes.
I use one of those straws on the nozzle to get in the holes, them follow with some compressed air to spread it around some more.

I've had one old bike get a crack that was probably due to severe internal rust, with no rust visible on the outside, but that was a 1970's bike.


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Best to spray a rust inhibitor (heaps of them out there) or fish oil inside the frame when you first get it.

Can just lightly sand back the rust then apply a coat of that afterwards.