Cove Hustler 29 - The Sub $2000 29er Trail Bike Challenge Build

Discussion in 'Post Your Ride' started by oliosky, Aug 12, 2016.

  1. oliosky

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    Was looking for a bit of a change of scene trail bike wise and had someone interested in buying my old Spec Camber 29 but money is a bit tight right now so I challenged myself to build up a decent 130mm 29er trail bike with a new frame and 11 speed XT for under $2000. Wanted to build something slack-ish, no nonsense and low maintenance. Ended up settling on a 2015 Cove Hustler 29 frame that was being run out on CRC.

    Frame, shock, headset and groupset picked up for around $1200 and the rest is a mix of bits from the parts bin, Australian online stores, gumtree and RB.

    First spin this morning and its pretty damn impressive.

    Frame - Cove Hustler 29 2015 large
    Rear shock - Fox factory CTD kashima (130mm)
    Front shock/fork - Fox 32 Float Fit 130mm
    Handlebars - Renthal Fatbar lite
    Stem - Raceface 60mm
    Headset - Nukeproof
    Grips - ESI Chunky
    Saddle - Specialized Henge
    Seatpost - Generic 31.6
    Front brake - Avid Elixir 203mm
    Rear brake - Avid Elixir 180mm
    Cranks - XT BB, SLX Hollowtech II w/ Blackspire 32
    Chain - XT 11 speed
    Pedals - Shimano SPD
    Rear derailleur - Shimano XT medium Cage
    Rear shifter - Shimano XT
    Cassette - XT 11-42 11 Speed
    Front hub - Black
    Rear hub - Also Black
    Front rim - Alex
    Rear rim - Roval
    Spokes - DT Comp
    Nipples - DT brass
    Tyres - Maxxis HR II exo tr 3c /Kenda Nevegal 2.2
  2. Twelve

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    Nicely done - I've always been a big fan of Coves.

    For under 2k you've done well.
  3. jamesb888

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    Really nice build - love coves
    So what was the final cost

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  4. oliosky

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    $1297- frame, shock, headset, chainring, cassette, shifter, rear mech, seatpost clamp and cables

    $450ish second hand fork off gumtree

    $130 - new front alex wheel from merlin

    $50 - second hand rear wheel, tires and rotors off facebook

    $30 - bb from pushys

    $55 - brake adapters, seatpost and maxle from cyclingdeal

    $55 - slx cranks off RB

    $5 - set of banged up elixirs off a mate

    Bars, seat, stem, pedals and grips from the parts bin (which is kinda cheating but hey they werent being used)
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  5. Pete Hopkins

    Pete Hopkins Squid

    Looks good, what's the tyre clearance like? Do you think you could fit a 2.8 in there and run 27+?

    How's it ride compared to the camber?
  6. Pete Hopkins

    Pete Hopkins Squid


    Looks good man.

    How's it compare to the camber?

    What's the tyre clearance like, would 2.8's fit to run it as a 27+

  7. oliosky

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    Hey mate. I reckon there wouldnt be enough room for a plus tire unfortunately. The cove rides great, solid in the rough stuff and stable at a bit of pace. In comparison to the camber, the cove really holds it line better, but it definitely doesnt go up hill as well.
  8. oliosky

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  9. oliosky

    oliosky Likes Dirt

  10. Ultra Lord

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    5/7. Needs banana for scale
  11. aanon

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    Looking good , and fun, I'd have it in a blink. Budgets builds that turn out good rule.
  12. tasty.dirt74

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    Ride report..QC update perhaps?

    Bit of a dig, but....

    Saw these frames online for $900 + change,

    Seems like a good price. Care to give a update as to how it rides?

    It will be a upgrade from a 2012 stumpy 29er... Hoping the slight increase in travel and slacker angles will lead to more fun??
  13. oliosky

    oliosky Likes Dirt

    I love it. Really fun no nonsense trail bike. I'm running a couple of offset bushings on the rear shock to slacken things out a bit which has impreved handling on the steeper stuff.

    I've been looking at buying another one as a frameset and have found a place that has some in stock dirt cheap with an RS shock. PM me if you want details.
  14. tasty.dirt74

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    Consider a pm sent!

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  15. mas2

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    I am also keen and have been looking at them on CRC.
    What height are you and what size did you get?
  16. oliosky

    oliosky Likes Dirt

    Bought a large. I'm 182cm
  17. oliosky

    oliosky Likes Dirt

    Considering the thread dig, a few thoughts on the frame after 12 months riding:

    Well built frame with pretty current geometry
    Longish top tube for a large. Fits better than previous large specialized.
    67 degree HA with a 150mm fork
    Sturdy, robust, durable crash resistant aluminium
    Threaded BB
    Standard shock mounts
    Good price
    Headtube compatible with angleset headset
    Really stable on wide open fast rough stuff.

    Not so good:
    Slightly portly and when built with parts that dont break its not a light bike, at all.
    No internal dropper cable routing
    Found the BB a bit high at first but the offset bushings really helped
    Fox shock kept losing IPF pressure over time (but schrader valve mod fixed that)
    Pivot bolts have a tendency to loose off, especially the main pivot bolt.
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