Dane Searls going HUGE!

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Saw this on Pinkbike, and was blown away.

That said the filmer is apparently from Canada, and yet the scenery there looks very much like Australia? I am not up on my BMX, but is this rider from Australia, and is that his place here?

Never the less, those jumps are just insanely big.


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that no foot can flip was awsome:eek:

cam jam was awsomer but, double flips off that really really big double was awsome


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what a mad setup

ok i'm from the downhill world but those jumps r off there head fucken huge and they would have taken fucken so long to build. top vid and top work to dane and his crew for getting this kind of thing goin:p:p
Hey everyone, Dane's clip was indeed filmed at Cam White's house in Canberra, and it was filmed by our resident production guy Allan Hardy.

Dane will also be going to Big In Bavaria soon as well, so you should get to see some more of him there.

We also just uploaded a new clip with Chris Kovarik, if you guys want to check it out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JN7Xj_6ZPQk