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Hey Guys,

Do we have any dealer lists on these forums, I cant find them if we do :rolleyes:.

If we dont have a list could anyone tell me of some WTP dealers that they know of in Sydney. The WTP website lists dealers that dont seem to stock WTP, or stock a limited range :confused: I know Northern Beaches Bikes and Belrose Bikes stock WTP (they're not listed on the WTP site) however their prices have gone up a shitload recently which they say is due to the low aussie dollar atm (fair enough).

To put some perspecitve I was going to get a WTP Trust for (i think) $679 and now the price is $899 :eek:

Im looking for dealers that have existing floor stock that wont be marked up so much, but really any dealer will do.

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shops usually aren't dealers although some are. Many shops order through large dealers who account for many bmx brands such as BMXinternational. They do brands like snafu, sunday, odyssey and all that jazz. ALso there is Elitecycles who do brands like fit and profile and kink and more. but i don't know who wtp is actually dealt by. So i guess this is pretty useless.
yeah your right tipple 6 distrobutes wtp, also subrosa, fly, colony and macniel. I think they will be like Bmx international importers who have shop dealer contracts. So you probably won't get one from them unless you steal it or are friends with the owners.

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Then you would be looking at Backbone (who have a good online store) Bmx mafia (in gladesville) thats all that I can think of of the top of my head really. Oh and strictly do but they are in melbourne....


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Grafton City Cycles they just got some new stock of we the people's in. you can give them a call on 02 66427890


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above all is in miranda they stock the entire wtp range and if not in stock im sure they could order one


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Theres Ramp2Ramp in South Australia. They had free postage for orders over 100 clams, dunno if that offer is still available.