Derby in Tassi

Discussion in 'Enduro / All Mountain' started by SideFX, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. SideFX

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    Has anyone been there for riding . Is Derby a mecca for trail riding . Sure Ive seen a few vids on the trails AK , flow and Troy , but it is all just best section pump up . I know it gets bloody cold down there and rains allot but would it be a good destination or a lamo GOV " trail " park " for everybody "
  2. NeoNasty

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    I was there in October. It was awesome.

    Hollybank, Blue derby and Blue Tier decent are all within a few hundred kms of each other. We did them over 3 days. Some of the best riding Ive done.

  3. Stredda

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    Was back there for what must be the 10th time, and it's always a blast. The new "Big Chook" trail is my new favourite.
  4. Delazy

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    believe the hype...

    and more trails being built at the moment...

    the new blue tiers descent is due for opening within the next couple months and plans for further extensions apparently underway...

    another trail company have plans for a big park to start late next year although at the southern end of the state...

    tassie soon to be a mtb mecca
  5. rangersac

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    In a word awesome. Fast, flowy, some techy bits, stunning bush, and a beautiful area. If you are at the downhill end of the spectrum you'll be underwhelmed, otherwise you can't fail to be impressed.
  6. nakedape

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    Absolutely fan-bloody-tastic. Old school trails, new flow trails, climbs, descents and everything in between.
  7. Knuckles

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    Good enough to get Hans out there twice, book ending his Bulla appearance.
  8. Markee

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    New footage footage of the latest trail opened, Big Chook!

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  9. BizL

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    My friend Jasper made that edit. Pretty slick job.
  10. caad9

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    Super nice edit, I want to get down and ride it right away!

    Rode Derby in November, I'm hanging to get back. So much fun and the place will continue to evolve and grow because they have the right attitude down there.
    Did a week long trip including Derby, Hollybank & Meehan Range. You could spend a month down there on your MTB and never get sick of it.
  11. Kramer

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    Did Tas in January. Derby is epic. Must do Atlas and Dambusters - both have sooo much flow and mega huge berms. Depending on how gnar you like it, Black Dragon is fun too.
    Also rode Hollybank which was awesome too - so many corners to just roost out of. Try to get shuttles - I rode to the top 3 times and was absolutely smashed (1000+m vert)!
  12. nakedape

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    Shuttles are available - check out Vertigo MTB for details
  13. Boxer

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    So want to get back to Derby again
  14. Flow-Rider

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    There are rumours that Hans Rey done some filming at Derby, so this will mean there will be a mini doco on the place soon.
  15. rstim

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    Not rumors he was there a couple of weeks back with Tyler McCaul there are a couple of small vids about, hopefully something longer soon.
  16. Delazy

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    no rumors about it...he was down here with Tyler McCaul



  17. Delazy

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    a couple images from derby weekend just gone...
  18. EMF

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    Do it

    Before the ice comes

  19. binner

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    As above

    That's a whole lotta bike, you running cromag.......
  20. binner

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    I got a big rise today

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