Derby...yet another thread

Hi all, been off the boards for a while. Still managing some bike time but it's been a shitty wet winter in the SW of WA.
Good for farmers and such, not so much for divers or bikers. Which is me, without the farming.
Any way...have booked a trip to Tassie to ride trails, Derby particularly but am also considering a trip down to Maydena. Which may be beyond my skill set but from ambition flows ability.
So my question here concerns accommodation. Have been searching online for stay options for a single, not a heap of stuff. The cabins and such are pretty reasonably priced for group stays but get a bit more prohibitive for a solo. Pubs will likely be the result barring finding a better option
Anyone be down that way from the 13th to 19th of Nov and looking to save a few bucks? Would be happy to share a house or similar with separate rooms with like minded mtb folk.