DH Round 3 Results


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Round 3 DH results

Another great day & turn out, some new and old faces.
Surprising the rain held all day until B grade's start, putting a hold on the race, "my start times were getting wet" Sorry making you all stand there.
With the shower gone and the sun breaking through, back to business.

Congrates Class winners

A- Tim Cox
B- Matt Rowland
C- Marelo Cardona
D- Josh Clark

Thank you always to the team of helpers and of cause the riders for showing up when everywhere else seemed to be wet.


Don't Forget

Registration State Champs This weekend 2 and 3 April

Event info

Marshalls - If anyone is heading out to the race this weekend and would love to lend a hand for a few hours, or a day or even both days, could you please contact "Tim Bulter" at cobandco@aussiebroadband.com.au More hands lighter work for everyone. Thank you.


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Hey I tried the link but it came up with the 404 error. Also i was just wondering if it is possible to attend champs if I haven't race there before ?