DMR V6 review


Likes Dirt
Bought a set of V6s for my street bike as I was not keen on metal pins ripping up my shins.
I'm a huge fan of nylon pedals and DMR so was a pretty obvious choice...
These things are amazing. They have the full length "pins" and the level of grip on all my shoes is second to none. I actually feel there's more grip with the nylon pins and my 5.10s than I get with my Electrons. I tried 5.10s, Vans, Nike, and Chuck Taylors.
I'm not a huge fan of concave pedals, but the slight concave on these really good. You don't get "locked in" to one foot position like other pedals.
I managed to fall off the bike already and hit my shins, only got a bruise instead of the nice bloody gash like metal.

They are considered "non serviceable" but at $20-$30 that doesn't bother me. The pins will likely grind off before the bushings go. Mine weighed in at ~330g.

Great pedal to consider for kids or any bike where a metal pedal or pin isn't really practical. :first: