DNM Burner Rear Shock


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Wanting to try coil on my new 26" heckler.

Has anyone had any experience with recent DNM shocks, particulary the Burner.

Has good specs and adjustability - and at $129 from 'cycling deal' may be worth a try.

I'd much rather get a used one e.g. DHX5, but not having much luck tracking one down.

Whats DNM like in terms of availability of spare parts, warranty issues etc.

Appraciate any advice/experience.




Cereal killer
As above. Whether forks, shocks or droppers. A DNM is on the old 222 I just bought. I'm planning to throw it at the possum who rapes my fruit trees :rant:


Likes Dirt
Get the picture!

Will steer clear.

Please oh please, someone reply to my WTB add for an 8.5 x 2.5 coil shock!