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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Daniel Hale, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Daniel Hale

    Daniel Hale Likes Dirt

    am looking for clamp ideas to fit a dropper remote to my cross bars diameter 23.8mm, as opposed to normal mtb grip diameter of 22.2mm, its for a cable, not a hydraulic. also the shifters are SS, so can't use the 2x/3x of the front derailleur shifting. thanks
  2. linkl8r

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    KS southpaw should work on that diameter mate. It's an open two part clamp.

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  3. 99_FGT

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    Lev lever (the standard one) would probably work as well, and look a fair bit neater on a drop bar than say a southpaw. You are welcome to mine if you want it...
    You say the "shifters are SS"? Confused by this, but guessing you mean that they are brake levers only not brifiters. Installing one (or both) brifters would be by far the neatest
  4. LPG

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    If this is the case you may be able to hack a brifter (removing the indexing ability) to activate the dropper. You would have to check how much pull you need on the cable compared to the pull available on the brifter.
  5. Daniel Hale

    Daniel Hale Likes Dirt

    yep just brake levers only, the trp hydraulic ones
  6. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Wheel size expert

    Check the Mountain Biking Australia website ... Mr Hardwick had a CX with KS post and he outlines a mod for the remote ... Or email me as I'm sure KS sent me an article outlining a mod for a dropper.

    note, better to check MBA ... I'll be slow on email Soz, mayhem at present
  7. swaz

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    Pretty sure I have a carbon fibre KS lev dropper remote
  8. Daniel Hale

    Daniel Hale Likes Dirt

    cheers Nerf i searched but couldn't find it

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