Dropper post shims & carbon frames?


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So transfer of parts to a flash new frame for my son has seen us left with a 30.9 dropper, but a 31.6 frame.
(100mm dropper in a 5010 frame).

A few of the shim manufacturers note that they should not be used on carbon frames.....is this really going to be an issue and put the frame at risk of cracking?

Any advice appreciated.


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2017 Specialized Enduros with carbon frames (and possibly Stumpies) came stock with a 34.9 to 30.9 shim. I wouldn’t be too stressed about it.

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I used one for a year or so on a carbon HT without issue! 30.9 - 31.6 is plastic, or at least the one I had was. Can't see an issue with a carbon frame. For some additional support, wrap some tape around the bottom of the post to build it up close to 31.6mm. this fills the gap and stops any contact issues.

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the problem is the flex you get at the end of the dropper, it can rub back & forwards inside the carbon seat tube, ive known of one frame wrecked like this


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Thanks all - its only a short dropper, so I hope there wont be heaps of flex.
I do like the idea of wrapping the free end to minimise flex too.....I'll give it a shot.