DT Swiss rear QR Conversion endcap kit


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Looking for the endcap kit to convert my 350 rear hub from the standard 12x142mm into a normal QR rear.

I believe that it is Part Num: HWGXXX0001528S.

I think that it may be THIS item on CRC but it doesn't say specifically



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Mate have you tried tbsm? I got an American classic thru axle (12 be 142) as it wasn't listed on their site. Amazing service at us/uk price.

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right part but
you would be better getting the 135x10 DT tool-less throughbolt system
fits 'standard' 135mmm QR rear,
you'd still need the correct axle sleave

which unfortunately i can't find on CRC

picture may not be the 135 version, just grabbed it of google, but you'll get the idea



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Thanks Mr Cove,

Trying to avoid spending too much on the conversion of this hub. I had a bad experience with the DT RWS on my roadie but I think they have improved the design since then. The 12mm axle of DTs I use it nice.

QR will be fine for this hardtail and CharlieK has sorted me out locally already with the end cap kit (in the post).

Thanks all !


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.... And after the fact I just realised that spare end caps that came with my roval wheels with DT internals are probably identical !