E-Bike Batteries


Rock Bottom
Pretty dangerous and expensive. We all have them in our phones though.. $800 for a Shimano 500wh from my lbs.


Eats Squid
This is why I built my own ebike rather than build one. Bike specific batteries are great, but just like why we hate new 'standards' the real cost is when you need to replace stuff. For reference a quality 17Ah(36V) battery cost me $500.

Most ebike batteries are in fact just a bunch of 18650s stuck together.
what kit did you end up getting
what platform is it mounted to
post up a piccy if you have a good one
did your friend get the battery replaced in the end?
i repack ebike batteries with good cells, spotwelded. sanyo ga are usually good cells. depending on location, there might be folks that could do it for reasonable costs..