Eagle derailleur - something not right


Likes Dirt
Cleaning/setting up the bike last night and I noticed the the derailleur wasn’t running 100%. Started pulling it apart and I noticed the chain was rubbing on the inner cage arm and it looks a bit bent. But I have no reference to know for sure.
Can anyone with gx eagle confirm if it’s stuffed or not stuffed before I shell out for parts or a replacement?



Likes Dirt
Check out my pics of the GX Eagle derailleur I’m selling in the for sale section. That’ll give you a decent indication of the level yours is mullered.


Eats Squid
I'm not sure if the plate is meant to be totally flat, but that rubbing is due to the b-screw adjustment being too far out (causing insufficient clearance against the 50T sprocket). Apparently these need to be checked regularly (or loctited) as the screw tends to unwind itself over time.