Easton haven hubs should I buy


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Hey crew, looking at buying a rear 26" wheel to make my Dartmoor hornet a frankenbike with a 27.5 front.
I have been offered a set of these Easton havocs, the owner has said he thinks the hubs aren't very good longevity wise.
Does anyone have experience with these and possibly overcoming these issues with loctiting bearings in place, better sealing etc? Also would a 21mm internal rim hold a 2.4 or 2.5 tyre alright?
Thanks in advance

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Ok, and do they tend to stuff up more often than other hubs?
Bearings and seals could be bought through a bearing shop I guess but is it the freehub your waiting on?

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Don't do it. They are made out of cheese. Parts are available from SJS cycles and Jenson.

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Yeah I was starting to think that.
Damn it seemed like a great deal, bloody cheese hubs!

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Interestingly I haven't had an issue with mine. Used them myself for a bit, sold them to another burner, bought them back for wifeys bike, passed them down to son's bike. I've got a spare hub and spokes here too just in case, but haven't had to use anything yet. I reckon I've gotten pretty good value out of them.

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cant comment on that in particular by my old kona came with an Easton wheel. freehub crapped out after maybe 1000km and no easton dealer in Oz then. Easton refused to tell me the part so I could order it, instead telling me to go to a store and get them to call the NZ distributor to order the part. No more easton parts for me.


Aren't SOLA supposed to be the Easton (and Race Face) dealers in Oz?.....all off the back of the Fox distribution?
....or did they never get it off of the ground?


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My Haven Carbons lasted 6 years and finally carked it a couple of months ago (rear freehub ring thread stripped). But I have a spare black donor hub to lace to the carbon rim. If you decide you don't want these hubs please PM me as I am keen for a silver rear M-121 haven hub, which the one in the photo appears to be.

As far as improving the reliability, they aren't too bad if they have had the bearing spacer upgrade installed. If you have the chance to get the front wheel as well...grab it as you will need the spokes...24 spoke wheel tends to break spokes pretty reliably. The eastons use a nipple that threads into the spoke and then threads into the rim, not cheap to buy spares, but spokes are the same front and rear.
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Just to add another experience - I have the M120’s on a tall boy, and the rear has been surprisingly bullet proof , second bike, only 5000 off road kms. But difficulty getting spokes has meant the front has been sacrificed to spoke parts and using a spare front wheel to keep it going.

(i should have taken up the option of buying a donor wheel that had the spinning rear hub a few years ago.....) - anyway would consider I’ve got fair value out of them given how that’s the bad weather/general abuse bike.

Oh, and I should have somewhere the upgrade kit for a 121 if someone can’t get one anymore (mine are the 120’s and I just locktited them, and occasionally tighten the bearings if it starts to wobble a bit)