Eurobike vs. World Champs


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I noticed last night that Eurobike and the World Champs this year are on in the same week in September...
Probably doesn't effect most people here but don't you think that the organisers of the biggest bike show in the world and the UCI could coordinate things a little better??


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Possibly a mercy act actually - they know some riders will opt to spend the week signing autographs instead of racing Stromlo. /blatant shit-stir


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It was on the 4th -7th? september for 2008, worlds was in july?,
Actually this is the latest month for the worlds for a while, even rotorua in 06 was in august.
so it's probably more a case of business as usual and operating the bike show on the same weekend as usual,(it's wed to sunday).

Plus it will give people somewhere to congregate and compare conspiracy theories about the audacity of the uci to award a worlds to a penal colony, also not once but twice with the world road cycling champs in victoria in 2010?.


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It is not the first time something like this has happened. The World Mountainbike Championships was held in Cairns in 1996. At the same time Interbike was on and some riders attended Interbike instead of the worlds in Cairns.

is there anyone here who was at the worlds in Cairns in '96 and who will be at the worlds in Canberra in '09?