Evolution of Obsession


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Here is a pictorial evolution of my upgraditis over the past 2 years. I need to stop now. The last 3 are my current bikes:



Back in his day.....
wow more bike than i ahd in last 20 years

hey if you get bored of those you can send me one of those bikes :p


Likes Dirt
Ha ha, hopefully I won't be upgrading again anytime soon.

I tend to obsess about whatever sport I'm currently into. I only got into MTB when I moved to SE QLD. When in NSW it was all about Ice Hockey and Scuba diving (and snowboarding in winter). When I moved up here, it was too difficult to do either of those due to travel distance, so I needed something else. A few mates were heavily into MTB, so off I went.

It's not that I plan to go out and upgrade so often. I read a lot of forums and often come across bargain frames or wheels etc. I end up transferring parts over and soon, I have a new bike lol. One of my mates has bought the XTC 29er and the Trance X1 off me, for a fraction of what I paid, so he is laughing. He reckons he is going to research which bike he wants next and talk me into getting it.

Looking back at all the bikes (all of them perfectly competent and functional), I realize I'm doing it more for the fun of building bikes than because I need to upgrade. I think I'll just upgrade components now as required. The frames are all pretty awesome, so I'm not getting rid of anything for a while.....

.....unless I come across a bargain Niner RDO frame :biggrin:.


Likes Dirt
Yeah didn't think it really fitted in there. That's more a brag forum for your current ride with all the specs. Mods will move it if it should be in there I guess...