Farkin.net needs you!


As part of an initiative started by our very own web design guru, Pana, Farkin.net wants you, the readers of this site to become involved in developing content.
The idea is that of 'community article writing' and basically involves anyone and everyone contributing information and ideas from their little corner of the world that farkin.net's usual contributors just don't have access to.
Submissions will then be collaborated and made into something useable by the farkin.net editorial team, with contributors being appropriately attributed.
And so the experiment begins, with our very first ;

The first topic we're going to have a crack at in this format is one that affects us all here in Australia;
"How do the council and other authorities handle MTB trail management in your area? Are there processes in place to sort out land management issues and trail conflicts, or are they just vicious trail nazis looking to spoil your fun?"

Everyone with an interest in this area is invited to contribute, but keep the following things in mind;
-We want critical, unbiased, factual accounts of what goes on in your area, not just your whinges about having this or that track closed.
-Interviews with people involved in the processes of trail management in your area will be viewed favourably, don't be shy, ask people for interviews and you'll often be surprised with how willing they are to talk.
-If you do interview people, quote them accurately, put anything they say inside "quotation marks" and make sure it's exactly what they said.
-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, check the spelling of any names and run a spellcheck on any submissions before you send them in.

So lets give it a go, try and come up with something and email it to
ryan@farkin.net within the next 2 weeks,
The success of community article writing is in the hands of you, our readers, so if you want to see it continue, it's up to you to contribute.

farkin.net editor