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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by northkona, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. northkona

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    I have raced and ridden MTB's in FNQ since about 1990 , now that my 14 yr old son has the MTB bug bad my interest in the sport has peaked again. He has broken my poor old '07 Yeti 575 and a Giant Trance so now I have bought him a Santa Cruz Bronson to trail.
    I was just looking thru some pics of my first "Real" MTB , a 1991 Apollo Team Comp . Indexed thumb shifters, Elevated chainstay, Alloy frame with 1 1/4 steerer... Damn , cutting edge stuff. All for $1340.
    My new Transition Patrol carbon is a different story , my days of 100k epic trail rides are a thing of the past. For my son and I now its all about crawling up and bombing down the beautiful trails of Cairns.
  2. Boom King

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    Enjoy. It's a great thing to have in common with your kids.
  3. northkona

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    Yeah , I couldnt be happier , he sold his PS4 to buy more bike gear. He's hooked.
  4. link1896

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  5. Knuckles

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    Buy that kid a cigar...

    ...too soon?
  6. northkona

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    Nice !
    I might wait for his first born , until then he'll have to make do with more shiny ano bike bits !
  7. Spanky_Ham

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    freshin up that Yeti... great bike and Enjoy riding with your son... take him on many adventures....

    and tell him stories of your glory days... the 3oo meter manual, the 20 foot jump.....

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