Financial Support of Rotorburn


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Scott asked me for financial support for the Rotorburn forum back in April and since then I've been trying regularly but not getting any responses at all.

Briefly, I've followed the instructions on

Emailed Scott at and also used the form but with no response.

Then emailed but again all I get is the sound of crickets in the distance.....

Since this has been going on for over three months now, I'm here on this part of the Rotorburn forum with the hope that somebody associated with the administration of the forum can assist please. Happy to help out guys.


Farkin Advertiser
Perhaps the link was not for the public?
No that information is open and available to all. A simple internet search of "rotorburn advertising info" returns that link right up the top.

Seriously, is there anyone here who can take responsibility? Does anyone from admin read the Site Problems forum? Scott, are you out there?


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Okies.... perhaps if we keep talking here this thread will be seen, but Scott did reply to one in here today so give it time I'm sure he will.