Fire Eye Flame...Commuter/2nd MTB


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I had been commuting to and from work and doing the odd MTB ride on my old GT Chucker DJ hardtail, heavy and slow but it did the job. I found cracks in the chain stays so it had to be retired.

I bought this Fire Eye Flame hardtail frame cheap off CRC almost a year ago, finally got around to building it up! It'll be mostly used for commuting but may see the odd off road adventure! The build is a mixture of new parts and parts off my old bike(s).

Specs as follows:-

Frame: Fire Eye Flame (M)
Fork: Fox Float 32 100mm/120mm travel
Handlebars: Spank Oozy 740mm
Stem: Spank Oozy 50mm
Headset: Fire Eye Integrated
Grips ODI Vans
Saddle: SDG Bel Air
Seatpost: Bontrager
Brakes: Shimano Deore with centre lock rotors F + R
Pedals: GT Platform
Cranks: Shimano Deore
Drivetrain: Shimano SLX 10 speed
Chainring: CSixx 32T NW
Wheel set: Shimano MT35 650b F + R
Tyres: Maxis Detonator 650b F + R - currently running tubes

I need to have a look at the forks as I think they need air, I bought them off a fellow burner and the top adjustment cap is incomplete (I have some of the parts). Apparently the forks are set at 100mm and can be raised to 120mm. Also I'll get another set of treads for off road.


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Likes Bikes and Dirt
I purchased the forks for this build 2nd hand where the knob for compression and lock-out was missing. After one brief road ride I realised something was up with the forks, they weren't holding air and were sinking to bottom out position. I pumped some air into them and went for another brief ride...they lost air again rapidly! Geometry felt so wrong as the forks were sitting so far into their travel!

I came across Simon from Mountain Bike Suspension Centre in Stanmore on Facebook, I took the bike to him initially just to enquire about parts for the missing parts but after a quick look at the forks he conceded that they really need to be pulled apart for an inspection and possible rebuild. Received a phone call from him telling me he pulled the forks apart and the previous owner has obviously had a crack at rebuilding them and incorrectly installed the air seal, the forks also are showing signs of wear. As this bike is really just my commuter/2nd MTB he proceeded with a rebuild of the forks with new seals which should get me at least a couple of years use out of them! He also replaced the missing compression/lock-out knob.

I've just brought the bike home and took it for lap around the block and the transformation is unreal, bike feels awesome! Forks now have full adjustbility and feel so smooth through all the travel...I think I better get my AM forks sorted now as these feel better!

I've also bought a set of treads for offload - Maxxis Tomahawk off Pushys ($20 each - bargain) and a drink bottle cage...a luxury that was not afforded on the old DJ I used to commute on!


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