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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Zaf, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Zaf

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    Hey guys,
    Looking to get a pair of Five Ten's Hellcats at the moment and just curious as to the sizing on them. I'm usually a good fit on a Shimano 46E, currently borrowing a pair of a friend's AM45's in a 46 and they're just slightly too snug, but I hear Shimano come up small in general.
    I did have a 46 in a 661 filter and they feel massive on my feet.

    Is it better to go a size down with Five Ten and hope they're true to size? Or are they a comfortable fit vs other sizes.

    Also, no retailers here stock Five Ten, so I can't try locally the fit I'm afraid.
  2. SF Trailboy

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    I wore a 44 shimano and now wear a 43 five ten. Have found some of the sizing with shimano has had to do with their lack of width for me.
  3. Zaf

    Zaf Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yeah, it's a lack of width for me also. Wondering if I order a 46 Five Ten they'll be too big, wouldn't want that.
  4. SF Trailboy

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    Most of the info I could find was that order one size up in Shimano and just your normal size in 5-10
  5. bgs

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    Hey Mate, I bought a pair of Hellcats a few months ago. I am usually a size US12/EU46 in normal shoes, so I bought the Hellcats in the same size and they are a good fit. If anything, for me personally, they are ever so slightly on the bigger side, which I much prefer to them being on the smaller side.
  6. FatMuz

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    I own a few pairs of Five Tens and I've found their sizing to be pretty true to the standard.
    I always buy 45 and never had a problem with fit from Five Ten. Shimano on the other hand... too damn narrow.
  7. Zaf

    Zaf Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Can I ask what your feet measure?
    I've got 28cm long paddles with them being about 11cm at the meat of the foot.
  8. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    I have size 10US line kings and wear the same in the other brand shoes I own. They fit just fine for width on my wide (for length) foot. Foot is about 27cm long and 11cm wide (figured you were asking for measurements...).

    Edit - did realize I may have bitched about them being a little narrow when I first got them... Also I just picked up a pair of teva something or others and they were perfect right out of the box. I was generally underwhelmed by the line kings and won't be rushing back to 5-10.
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  9. silverback

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    Bought some freerider vxi last year and i am a 10 us should have got 10.5 and it's the length not width for the free rides. Don't know about the he'll cats though.
  10. Nambra

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    Apologies for the thread dig, but I need some help on Five Ten shoe sizing, and a search dug up this one.

    The short of it is that I was in the market for a new pair of flat pedal shoes, and after drinking all the Koolaid and reading reviews, settled on a pair Five Ten Freerider Pros from mtbdirect. Yes I should have tried some on locally but the truth is there just isn't anyone who stocks that much to try on in my size, plus it was still cheaper to buy online and return them if they didn't fit.

    I'm normally a UK12/US13 in regular shoes, and have a pair of Shimano M089's in an EU48 (narrow but they fit). I bought a pair of Freerider Pros in US13 / EU47 thinking they'd be alright, but they feel pretty snug. I then ordered another pair in US14 / EU48.5 on the basis that I'd send one pair back. So... the 13's are too small (tight across the wide part of the foot) and the 14's look and feel like clown shoes. Question for Five Ten - why don't you do half sizes between 13's and 14's, because I need a 13.5? That will never get answered, so here I am.

    Do I:
    - Persevere with the smaller pair on the basis that people here can confirm that they will 'give' a bit as they wear in (or do they stay pretty firm and will strangle my feet)?
    - wear thick socks and walk around like a snorkeler in the 14's?
    - send both pairs back and look at other shoes - even a different type of Five Ten, if there are other models that are wider? Contacts, Sam Hills, Impacts?

    I'm leaning toward the last option and trying to find some to try/buy locally too - hoping that some fellow 'burners can suggest some shoes have a bit of extra width?
  11. Flow-Rider

    Flow-Rider Eats Squid

    I think the freerider pro are meant to look like a clown boot if you have wide feet. I went 2 sizes up in the free rider pro,s from my old free riders and they are still tight around the toe cap area. I've never been able to run the shoe laces in the 2 top holes or tight at the bottom of the shoe In any five ten shoe with thick socks. There doesn't seem to be a lot of give in the shoe as it gets older, mine are still on the tight side after a few months of riding.

    I must say the shoes do perform quite well, they have a ton of grip, very light, they breath quite well and the toe caps have tested to work fine. Mine look more like work boots than riding shoes though.
  12. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    No need for apologies, you have done the right thing. I'm hoping you receive an award!

    They are a narrow shoe. I'm not a huge fan as the fit doesn't work for me. Try some other 5:10s. I've had line kings, spitfires, and dirt bags. The spitfire was probably the wider of them. It plus the dirt at are both suede so have a bit of stretch if you can persevere. The freeride is a stiff bulky shoe so unlikely to provide much stretch.

    I'm rocking Teva shoes and they are a great comfy fit. I'm not sure they still make bike shoes though.

    There isn't a lot of variety available in Australia from what I've seen.
  13. I've got a pair of Freerider VXi and a pair of Karvers both in EU47 and they fit differently.
    Karvers are a better fit with a little more room in the toe. Freeriders are just that touch tighter, not so bad that I can't use them for decent rides but they lose out to the Karvers now. Which I picked up 2nd hand for a song, worn twice.
    They're meant for different things so are a slightly different shape.
    Looking at them and seeing your issue the Impact style is probably a better option, similar to the Karvers.
  14. Travis22

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    Im generally a 42 in all of my shoes except for my Shimano SPD shoes, with these i need a 43.

    I tried taking a guess with what size Five Ten shoes id need after checking online and it seems there is a reansonable amount of discussion on the matter. Most comments id found said Five Ten and Shimano were very similar so i purchased some Freerider Elements in 43.

    Sure enough they are one size too big and i think the 42 would have been spot on.

  15. ChrisJC

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    My wife has a pair of freerider pro's and they are totally different to other Freeriders. Narrower, less roomy upper and a lot stiffer. She loves them now but was a bit dubious when she first got them. Freerider Contacts are a fairly roomy fit but get quite soft after a few months. Impact Vxi's are the ducks nuts!
  16. Nambra

    Nambra Likes Dirt

    Thanks for the replies - some genuinely helpful info in what you've said. As much as I wanted these shoes to feel right, it seems they aren't the best shape for wider feet.

    Will look into the alternatives suggested, and post my findings.
  17. tkdbboy

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    If you're looking for something to cater for wide feet then try the impact VXI's.
    Have a look on CRC's user reviews and Q/A section and the general consensus is that they're a wide shoe.
    I've got a pair and find them roomy on the top half of the sole.
    You can find them for $120ish on HiBike.
  18. ChrisJC

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    bike components have the vxi's on sale atm. Probably similar price ti hibike.
  19. Rossm

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    I've had two pair of FiveTen Sam Hill shoes (flats) they seem wide compared to other shoes, and I have a wide foot. I would go down one size from your normal Euro sizing.

    I love the sticky rubber, but NOT a fan of the EVA mid sole. On the first pair the mid sole disintegrated while the uppers & outer sole were still in perfect nick. :grumpy: However this seems to be par for the course for most outdoor shoes & boots these days - I blame it on built in obsolescence - force you to buy new footwear before they are really worn out due to use.

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