Floods in VIC - everyone ok?

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Saw these couple of pics of Murray Bridge today. A good chunk of the Pedal (Paddle?) Prix circuit at Sturt Reserve is under water..... Funny thing is noticing a section of road above the water in the lower left corner of the second pic. In more than 15 races and many hundreds of laps I'd never realised there's a rise there.


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Not Victoria but anyway.
It's been a year today since I got out of hospital after having a section of my guts ripped out. Was also the lismore flood time.
Certainly some cars floating, most of the area in the foreground never goes under, bit of an idea how bad it was.
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There's a few limitations in the DEM (digital elevation model) that are obvious and well known but that's looking not much more than last time. But enough to make the punters down along Kings Billabong to the Racecourse nervous. And Wentworth too. The big problem this time will be duration...it probably won't get back down until well into the New Year. And that assuming it doesn't rain again until Xmas...
You pretty much nailed it. We didn't hold the first race until May and that was on a whole 3km of track we scratched back into the high points around the Playpen, conveniently missing the destroyed man-made obstacles.

It took us another 6 months to re-instate a revamped 10km track (now closer to 11km), but the high-water that came over winter took out half of what we'd done in the Playpen and we haven't used the trailhead since. The Golf Club have been super helpful and let us use the far end of the practise fairway as the start line. We have the Eliminator this weekend so I'll coax a few of them to go down and have a look.