FLOW magazine


Likes Bikes
Just had a look at issue 2 over the weekend
Enjoyed it a lot-even better than the first issue I thought.The perfect antidote to a wet morning.
The layout and photo quality is fantastic-it kind of has a similar feel to BIKE mag,but obviously with and Aussie slant.
I haven't read all of it yet but the articles seem well written as well.
If you haven't had a look it is well worth the cover price
PS -no link to the mag crew,just a happy reader...


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Agree completely man, it sort of feels like a brochure with all the sweet pictures and the different paper. Their website is pretty good as well, I payed the $50 and have been enjoying all the updates and videos and stuff.


Likes Dirt
Got to say i was impressed with it too. It seemed alot more 'grown up' and seemed to focus on riding for the sake of riding...not racing..just good old riding! Especially when compared to the other offerings which i gave up on a long time ago. Im not really interested in what some Pro biker is up to or what energy gel they drink etc. I just want to know where the good rides are so i can get inspired/go out and find them.

Its kinda like a Aussie verson of the absolutely outstanding 'singletrack' magazine

And just to add my Mrs picked up a copy of one of the 'other offerings' the other day for something to read and made the comment.."this for kids yeah?"