FLOW Rollercoaster Round 3 - Mt Stromlo - Jaime Black Photography


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Hey Everyone,

Hope you enjoyed yourselves on Sunday, I certainly did. Our first time shooting at Stromlo, hopefully you saw us on the mountain somewhere!

All of our photos are now processed and uploaded, and indexed to save you time. Search for your plate number (eg. 848) OR your name (eg. jaime) as it appeared on your plate. If you can't find a photo of you, try the link in the gallery description, or browse through.

In the morning (10am - 11:30am) we were shooting on Knolly Trail / Double Disillusion. Afterward we were shooting on Deubel Trail, making our way down the trail to the end.

Click here for more information, and the Full Gallery

Your feedback, comments and questions are appreciated, please don't hesitate to contact me on here or through my website if you've got anything to say. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Likes Bikes and Dirt
34 or 36 I think. Red TLD short, black TLD jersey. Red Intense Carbine.