Fork and Shock setup on Fury World cup 2014

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm having trouble to set up my suspension on my GT Fury 2014 WC.

    I think my rear shock isn't too bad now, bud I'll take any comment and suggestion. It's a FOX DHX RC4.
    With Rebound, bottom out, low and high speed comp.
    I'm not 100 % sure for the rebound and I did set 150 PSi.

    The fork is a Solo air Boxxer with charger damper, I think 2014.
    I run around 35-40 psi but I can't have the SAG quite right to 30%. 2 click on damper
    The Fury is a long bike though so when you sit on the seat the fork does not get any sag and you get very little change by standing on the pedals.

    I'm 60Kg, and trying to get smoother tuning on section like Thredbo DH track on the rocky section.

    What do you guys reckon?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    The only solution is trial and error...I've had a few rock shock air sprung forks. I like that they have a guide for psi per rider weight. I also find that doesn't really match my preferences.

    Have you tried straddling the front of the bike and loading up the forks and setting sag that way rather than using the entire bike?
  3. (sorry for late answer)

    I have managed to get the fork to 25% sag but only by leaning a bit in front, ive been riding it like that for a while, trial and error was pretty much the best option i had so that's what i did. im 60 kg and i only have 45 psi in my fork, i feel like its a bit low but it seems like its working for the moment. only problem is that the fork dosent fully extend, there's still 2-4 mm if i lift the wheel up and pull on the forks. anyway ive been using it like that on the thredbo cannonball downhill and it shreds at the moment. :rockon:
  4. Rem

    Rem Likes Dirt

    Hey Sunny, I think you could also ask what kind of spring you should have on your shock. With your 60kgs, you might need to go with a 350lbs instead of the 450 actual one. Am I right?

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  5. pink poodle

    pink poodle Clinically Inane

    Good point. Having a more responsive rear end will also help the front end track better by not jacking around in back and throwing you forward-back.

    Those couple of mm in the fork may be an air pocket.

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