NSW FOUND DELETE Unusable/broken FF helmet.


Likes Dirt
Item: Wanted: Broken full face helm. Size S/54-55cm. Med might be okay too.
Location: Close to Syd, no point in posting a broken lid!
Item Condition: Must have the front guardy bit, whatever it's called.
Price and price conditions: $0 frankly don't want to pay for something destined for the bin.
Extra Info: Not going to be used for biking at all, so a crashed lid or just one you want to toss is good. Can be cracked or damaged, don't need the visor or any other parts. Just needs the front bit intact, fractured is fine just needs to be there.

EDIT: While something that's been crashed or damaged is fine, it's still going to be on my head so NO MOULD, CRITTERS, TURDS, BUGS, etc.
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there was a damaged helmet being 'sold' in the classifieds.... worth having a dig/search!

edit: i cant find it.... but come to think of it... i recall dozer buying it to make a trophy? Good luck !
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