Found FS Frame or Rear triangle for Kona Dawg


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Item: FS frame Medium prefered or a small Large. OR Rear triangle to suit '03 Kona Dawg.
Location: Anywhere* But let's say Syd as a start.
Item Condition: Not cracked.
Price and price conditions: Preferably free. Or very, very little money...see story.
Extra Info: Friend recently purchased a 2003 Kona Dawg. Turns out the frame is pretty badly cracked--$400 at least to repair. Seller was insistent the frame was fine and now just ignores all communication. Friend has no money to buy a new frame and seller has turned into a dick. This is partly my fault as seller was a "mate" we were not diligent about checking for damage.

I'm hoping someone has an old frame (maybe with shock, maybe without-unsure of current shock size at this time) that they would be willing to donate to my friend. Doesn't need to be flashy or the latest whatever, just not cracked. Or a rear triangle to suit his bike would also be fine. Could maybe (maybe) squeeze some dollars out of the seller if the cost is low as he has previously offered $100 to get it repaired.

If it helps, I know for fact this guy was riding OMV within the last 3 weeks while it was closed for monsoon season. Can provide details for a tresspassing fine or something ?
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21" so maybe not the size you were hoping for, GT Force, $350 + post, as a crack replacement special. I'm just over 5'8 and used it fine for a couple of years with a 50mm stem and a straight seat post.