Found MoCo damper 35mm Revelation


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Item: Motion Control damper for 2017 Revelation FS-RVL-RC-A1
Location: Hobart or post
Price range/Willing to Pay: ?? Cheaper than new
Extra Info: My mate broke his MoCo damper and wants to get a replacement to tide him over while he figures out what he's buying next. Anyone upgraded to Charger damper and want to pass on the old unit?
Would also consider a reasonably priced Charger unit.
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I think I might actually have one - from a 2018 boost 35mm Rev, not sure it would fit non boost if that's what he has as the thread pitch is different iirc?

From memory the compression lever somehow reversed (locked out position is unlocked and vice versa) so is not 100%, but it did function just fine up until being removed.


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It is a boost fork. Sounds like it works better than his current one, he has to remove it to make adjustments. I'll send a PM.