ACT FOUND Straight steerer fork. 26 & QR


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Item: Decent 1 1/8 straight steerer fork with 100 -120mm travel
Location: Canberra. Happy to pay post.
Item Condition: Good!
Reason for buying: Need to replace the death-trap pogo sticks on my commuter.
Price and price conditions: You tell me!
Extra Info: QR dropouts & steerer close to 200mm would be fab!


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You should fit most 2.3 tyres in. The odds of finding a good quality straight steerer 27.5 are remote.
That said, people are holding onto their 26 inch straight steerer forks too. Good luck.
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I might have what you need. I've actually got a set of 26" Fox 32 forks off a 2011 Anthem XW. Details are as follows:

  • straight steerer (will need to measure how long);
  • QR;
  • handlebar remote lockout;
  • in Canberra
They are probably 2011 or thereabouts vintage but seem to be in good condition with unmarked stanchions. Hideous grey colour though.

$150 and they're yours.

If your interested I'll measure the steerer and take some pics.


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Hi - sounds perfect!
If you could grab somevl pics & confirm the steerer length that would be fantastic.


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Eats Squid
More details. Steerer is 215mm long, has a starnut installed and weight with the remote is 1671g. There's plenty of cable rub on the back of the crown and the lowers have some stone chips. Here are the pics:



On closer inspection I can see the very first signs of stanchion wear. You can just see the lighter patch above the seal and a bit behind the fork arch. These forks came on a bike I bought and I have not used them. If it was me, the first thing I would do is give them a service and put in some new seals. These Fox 32 forks absolutely need regular maintenance. If you keep the maintenance up on the fork then they last a long time. If its for a bike that you don't want to service the fork on at least once a year, then I'd pass on any Fox fork.