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The G15 would definitely prefer some big mountains, and I am keen to get it onto some and see how it runs.

It'd be an interesting comparison, to see how the Saturn 14 rides compared to the Ion G13 platform. If someone were to buy one...we could maybe do some back to back testing...NUDGE NUDGE!!!
Where the fuck are the big mountains in Newcastle? FFS you make Alice sound like it's frying pan flat. In any case your still got to pedal your sorry ass up the hill!
The only place that boat anchor is gonna shine is on a chair lift.

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Hurts. Requires Money. And is nerdy.
That and I am a masterful shitposter up here, so I've gotta at least show up and be fast enough to outrun half of the comments I've's a self preservation thing.
Yeah righto pleb. You got no chance there regardless of how many watt bombs you drop.

My point stands though, don’t be a weeny, show up for a social ride :)

. A fortnight ago you could’ve been shitslingin while eyeing off a saturn, SB130, my big black tranny (which doesn’t look so big next to the saturn and SB), an Ibis, and a pivot (I think? Was too busy gettin dropped to notice what bike aha!)


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Fair point, a little bit of feeling sorry for myself probably doesn't match up with other injuries. I'm an ex competition swimmer, so high levels of fitness aren't unfamiliar to me. But I think that's also what hurt about it this time. It was was the knowledge of how fast I could/should/would have been going if I hadn't stopped, so it's been about a month or so getting back into the mentality of "just riding" and working at it so it can come back. A battle which I've only really been winning, in earnest, for about a week now.

That and I am a masterful shitposter up here, so I've gotta at least show up and be fast enough to outrun half of the comments I've's a self preservation thing.

Awaba, Tingira, Glenrock, Killingworth, can I sneak in Ourimbah?
Then for the ones within a day's drive, Thredbo, Bright, Orange, Armidale, Kiwarrack, Falls Creek, etc.

It's because Alice doesn't have big mountains that it's more draining. You don't just settle into a pace and roll up the hill and then get a big descent, you've gotta attack them, constantly to keep moving. Really different from slogging out 20mins and punching out 600m of elevation in a low gear to getting 300m in 10-15m segments over an hour. Alice is fucked without fitness.
Yeah sweet , can't ride much at thredbo or falls without shuttles and tbh most the other places you mention would suit the smaller bike for most of it.
The best part about Alice is the trails are 15 metres from my driveway. On the right bike Alice is a dream. You know this..... hell if you find the trails getting boring get a rigid singlespeed

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I've learnt in the last year that for the majority of stuff close to me, the aggressive xc style of bike works exceptionally well for both me and the trails (very undulating and not very rocky). It's only when I head up into the Vic North East (Bright, Falls Creek etc) that I look to the bigger bike due to the steepness, rocks and it's almost always a long ride up before you descend rather than undulating terrain.

The Primer was my own "quiver" bike as it did everything "pretty" well. But now the Czar does the undulating country "exceptionally" well and I'd love to replace the Primer with a bigger, longer bike to get that bigger separation.

The G13 would be cool but I think the Saturn would suit my style a bit more. Hell, a Saturn 11 and 14 would be a pretty nice combo too

Have you taken that Kona out on some gravel type rides yet?
Firstly, great write up Zaf, and thanks for the honesty. I've been following this with interest as the idea of a gearbox bike really appeals to me, but you just don't see enough of them around just yet.

slider_phil, great minds think alike... the Primer is a wicked trail bike, but I'm going down the path of a lightweight trail/xc bike for my local trails with the G15 kept for trips away to funky places with elevation.


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One thing this bike deserves, separate from all the gearbox and gates talk is some decent photos! Could that day finally be upon us!?


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Why do you know that?!

You, of all people, should know it's a race to the bottom when you shitpost in my threads...and I ride an anchor. ;)
Oh I know. But I was making the same point as @Ackland.

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