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look up the effigear, its only 9 speed :( and 444%

my zerode takes a water bottle
444% is similar to an 11-42. But the jumps between gears might be a touch long. My E-Thirteen 11spd cassette has a 511% range but I've found I don't really need it. I either size my chainring for the 46t and never touch the 9t or vice versa.

I think something around 450% would be perfect, but with enough gears for finer jumps between ratios.

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@Zaf will need some time alone with this article

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There are a couple of things that bother me about this.

First some of the joins in the blockwork very nearly line up and the overlap isnt as it should be. That is a recipe for a wall failure. Secondly despite drainage being installed there is a stagnant wet area to the left, again this cannot be good for long term stability. And finally why the big wet patches on the blockwork? Is there an insidious drainage issue here? That bike could get crushed.


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I like this one too:


The way they've packaged everything around the bottom bracket looks quite elegant, on the drive side anyway.

And they've included provision for carrying a bottle of baby formula, so a great bike for new parents!


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Frustrating to see how many people complain about the gripshifter on these bike articles. I haven't even bothered saying anything in the comments, but there's a really good reason it wasn't included in the "Bad stuff" about the bike, it simply isn't!
Gripshift is AWESOME


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I like how the Vivid rear damper is the most "mainstream" component on the whole bike. Congrats for breaking just about every mold!
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The Formula forks really are impressive with the amount of tuning that you can achieve.
They do take a bit of extra care to look after but many of us love some faffing time in the shed anyway.

Have you tried any of the custom compression curve CTS valves?
I'm waiting on the BOOST XC fork before investing in trying some out.