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Item: Avid 20mm brake adaptor + longer caliper bots and cps washers.
have bought Isaaks hardtail so need everything to build it now.
EDIT....just blew $600 at CRC so I only need some bits n pieces to finish
Location: post to Hobart, tas.
Item Condition: very good to excellent
Reason for buying: wanna add a hardtail to the squad.
Price and price conditions: need everything for less than $4.38 (seriously, that's all i have left of $1k budget)
Extra Info: Boost 1x Crankset 28/30/32t chainring and BB will be required if not standard, ie SRAM Dub etc.
Pictures: yes pls.
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I reckon I've got an X7 Shifter and X9 Long Cage type 2 der and matching cassette all new take off.

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Likes Bikes and Dirt
CRC also have the sun ringle duroc 35 boost wheelset for $235 after using one of their 10% off codes. I think it might have been EASTER10

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Still need Boost fork?

Also, can use non boost cranks on boost frame. Felixs’ bike does.


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Just remembered they’re 120mm (was thinking they were 27.5 and more)


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I have a Sram GX boost crankset with chainring, but will also need a GXP BB which I also have (threaded)
is the frame threaded or PF


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good amount of shoe rub on the arms, but still heaps of life left in the chainring and crank, BB has been installed and ridden about 200Mts (found out pedal thread was stripped out) then removed from bike, so practically new!


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I've got an SLX M7000 175mm crankset with 32t ring. All in really good condition. Can do for $100 posted.