Does my arse look big on this saddle?
Anyone getting rid of their rusty (or whatever carbon does) rig / frametrain?


Does my arse look big on this saddle?
Thanks peoples, they were all spotted, but all to small... The Katipo in WA may have been a goer at 475, but not ideal and wouldn't go there without a test ride.

Thanks for the heads up though gents, much appreciated! Keep the eyes peeled! :)


Does my arse look big on this saddle?
I'm all over the show about which I'm going to go for for the next frame... o_O The Zerode's are still in play with 2 other options seemingly out for months, if at all...

@Arran @discofrank and even @Cyclomaniac, or anyone else with a Zerode... This might be a stupid question but how does the sizing / feel of your Zerode compare to similar sizes of frames you rode before the Zerode?

Does the low weight of the box change the balance / handling in any particular way?

At the moment I can't choose between going for the Taniwha (475 reach) which is 10mm shorter than I was previously running, which I felt was a tad short... But it's got the shorter rear end which I prefer. I'm not after a plough bike, it wouldn't suit 90% of my riding.

Or the 505 reach on the Katipo which is about the front end length that I'm after, but it has the longer rear end... But then designed for 29, and big 27.5 doesn't look like being ideal on that...

I prefer something in the more playful side of things rather than the plough.



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Taniwha felt shorter than my ENR at first. The wheelbase is about the same. Shorter reach but longer chainstays. I got used to it quickly. The odd thing about it is the shift in weight with the gearbox means it is a little harder to lift the front wheel off the ground but much easier to lift the rear.
The other thing I noticed was higher bb and less stack in the Zerode.


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It's reach I'm looking for.
Out of curiosity, what's the stack height on your current bike? Stack heights are pretty low on the Zerodes and if you have to space the stem up a lot it'll artificially shorten the reach too...