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  1. mas2

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    I need to service my forks (2014 Fox 34 Talas 29) and am the second owner and believe they have only had the lowers done once before. For its age fox recommend doing the lowers, fluid in the Talas, and a damper service. I haven’t done it before but reckon the lowers and Talas would be fine but wouldn’t want to do the damper. I know it says to do the damper but I am just not sure how critical it actually is.

    So what would you do:

    1 – Do lowers and Talas self but no damper
    2 – Get someone else to do it all

    I can find the fork seals,etc easy and was also planning to replace all the seals in the Talas but cannot find a parts kit anywhere for it. I assume I would need to get them through a service centre like cyclinic/nsd?

  2. mark22

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    All the parts are readily available from Cyclinic website with the instructions available from the Ridefox website or youtube.

    Replacing the dust seals and oil in the lowers is relatively easy with the air seals a little more complicated.

    The damper however is a bit more complicated if your fork is an evolution with a open bath damper and not the FIT cartridge I would chuck it and upgrade to a FIT 4 cartridge which is easily installed.

    If it is a FIT damper it would be best left to the experts at NSD or Cyclinic
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    Yep it's a FIT damper. The servicing on it looks pretty involved.
  4. ChrisJC

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    Fit dampers are best left till they start to play up. Seals don't t wear out from a few hundred hours of use; especially wihin a sealed unit. An oil change and bleed on a fit damper is simple... on a fit 4 without trail adjust is also simple; however with trail adjust is a pain in the arse!

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