Fox Striker Helmet.....


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Just bought a Fox Stryker Helmet today. Based on the style being the same as my Fox Flux, but its a fair bit lighter and better ventilated.

Its worth noting that, like the Flux, the two rear straps are not fed through the 2 sides of the rear adjust catch assemblys although the slots are there for feeding the strap through.

So again, like the Flux, have to do the same mod to re-feed the straps to make a better fitting (more comfy for some ) stack hat.

But fox made it slightly harder this time, by removing the loop the Flux had, where the centre rear the strap fed through. This time, the strap dissappears into the rear of the shell, so you have to now carefully, prise the black plastic triangular piece off the back of the helmet (no glue thankfully) to fully access the rear strap. That piece is a press fit, which is what loops/locks the strap in the rear centre of the helmet, so prize it free carefully.

Any one else got one of these helmets and modded the strap threading yet?


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Iv just ordered a Fox Striker helmet to replace my 2005 nitro xc helmet (with universal TLD peak). So Im looking forward to a updated helmet that offers more coverage.