Fox Transition Vs. TSG Evolution Vs. Pro-Tec B2/classic Vs. POC Receptor.


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After years of riding with XC style helmets, I've decided to take a step in a different direction. The "skate style" helmet of whatever the shit it's called seems worth giving a whirl but never owning one before I'm not quite sure where to start. If anyone has any recommendations, advice, opinions (good or bad) or just want to tell me which is the most 'rad' looking option please dont hesitate.

What I'm looking at,
  • Fox Transition
  • TSG Evolution
  • Pro-Tec Classic
  • Pro-Tec B2
  • POC Receptor
  • 661 Mullet
If you've used one before can you tell me
a) comfort, does it fit well?(i.e too wide)
b) adjustability, easy to fit to your head?
c) weight, what's it feel like when your riding?

There's no real criteria just tell me what you know/think.

Thanks is advance.

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have a 661 and I don't really like it much.
doesn't sit right on my head, but then again my head is a funny shape.
Go a POC. not the cheapest but pimp as


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DON'T GET A MULLET!! I bought one a while back, they don't fit your head properly at all, they tend to sit to one side and it looks like an ice-cream container. I'm in the market for a new helmet too so pretty keen to see what people have to say. I really like the TSG's but they are pretty pricey.


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Fox Transition
i have one, it so light i have like two cracks in it and dints every where
get TSG


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Fox Transition
i have one, it so light i have like two cracks in it and dints every where
Really, is it that bad? I was leaning more towards that one, looks sick and I've had a fox flux and was pretty happy with it.

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I got a TSG Evolution, There pretty damn comfy and fit around the head fairly well. Im pleased with it because its kinda molded to your head and light so thats why i went for it.


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I am a strong advocate for Pro Tec helmets. I did a season snowboarding in Whistler and wore my Pro Tec every day. Super comfy and designed really well. I had some nasty crashes learning to do 540's and was grateful that i had invested in a quality brain bucket. So when it was time to pick up a new lid for when i am on the DJ i went straight back to old reliable. I am running a Pro Tec B2 in Gloss white. It is comfortable and covers a fair amount of my head (down the sides, temple and around the back). i ride a bit at Terry Hills BMX track in Sydney. It can get super hot up there so the white does (i think) reflect a bit of the sun.

With he arrival of POC i upgraded all my DH body armour, as i wanted something lighter and more modular. Now these guys have just rewritten the book on comfort and safety. There kit is amazing! Whilst i haven't tried the helmets, i would recomend looking into this stuff if you can afford it.

Overall the most important thing is that you find a helmet that fits properly. Look after it as it was your own skull, and replace it once damaged or the linning is packed out


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Fox transition

Don't listen to the guy above. Yes, the helmet it light, but it's still very, very strong. I've had mine for 1 year now and have had a few nasty falls and only scratched it. Not to mention the awesome looks of it. (Get camo)