Frame only option


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Hi Guys,

I'm running the numbers on 150R/160F carbon E-bike with a shimano E8000 motor and 8035 battery. Is there a market in Australia for a frame only E-bike?
What price would you be willing to pay for a new brand E-bike?



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What would be included? All the controllers for the electrics? Works you just need a standard build kit?

I'm not exactly up to date with all the ebike stuff.

I have mates that would potentially be interested in frame only.


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Like a non-ebike frame, the price is so dependent upon desirability, finish and build quality, warranty backup, aesthetics (esp. with fugly ebikes) and geometry trends. Impossible to give you any real feedback unless you run a bit of a market research gig on rotorburn.

Are we talking a chi-carbon off the shelf frame fitted with the shimano gear?

The real question should be how much would you need to sell it for and how many would you need to sell to make it a worthwhile venture?

Maybe put the geo, a photo and your estimated pricing to us for some feedback.


Likes Dirt
See image above for Geo, it's more a big travel trail bike than an enduro thrasher looking at the geo.
I'm hoping for a around $4000 but waiting on final numbers, but thought I'd put it up here to see if I should even bother getting a batch.


The obviative
It’s a nice looking frame, for an e-bike.

Seat tubes look long for the frame sizes so dropper length may be limited. Also the bend in the ST may limit insertion depth?

$4k sounds ok with the elec gear, which I’m sure isn’t cheap. Might be tough to move a decent number of unbranded e-bike frames, though maybe people may see it as a cheap way to move to an e-bike if they have an existing compatible build kit?


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Personally the only ebike I'm interested in is a proper downhill bike that takes itself back to the top of the hill with minimum effort.
There aren't many completes that fit that description (kenevo, hai bike and rottweild?). I think a frame only version of that would be good