Freak accident = Potential Carbon Damage? Opinions needed

Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by Nick_M2r, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Nick_M2r

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    Hi Burners

    So long story short, out for a road ride on my 2016 Giant Defy Advanced, in which I managed to get a large self taping roofing screw jammed in the rear tire. What resulted is a blown out tire, and as I still coasted along a banging and knocking sound. Upon inspection the noise was coming from the nail & chain stay/BB junction, it was whacking the frame on the way past. Results posted below.

    Despite being pissed at how retarded this incident was, was wondering what peoples opinion are on this? Cause for concern? Giving it a close inspection, I'm hoping its just superficial in that it took away the paint and undercoat. I can't feel any delaminated carbon or broken fibres running my hand on it. Have emailed giant and waiting for a reply. If superficial was thinking of cleaning and putting some clear coat over to avoid any potential corrosion and keeping a close eye on it. Praying this isn't a write-off. Saved forever to get this beast, and i don't like the new models colours. Its a shallow world.

    Thanks folks!


  2. c3024446

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    Carbon fibre doesn't corrode, the clear coat won't do anything to help that (may prevent more paint flaking off though?). Looks fine to me, keep riding!
  3. SlowManiac

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    I had damage in a similar area due to tyre rub. Mine was rubbed a bit 'smoother' of that makes sense but it looked fairly similar in terms of depth. Took my bike back to the shop and they got the paint dude to repaint the area and said it was safe to ride.
  4. scblack

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    That looks superficial, just tidy it up with some clearcoat, and ride on!

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    I had a rock strike under the bb on my new at the time Remedy 9.9. I was worried about the look and paint so I actually touched it up with some of my wifes nail polish and it's been fine. Now the thing is covered in scratches and I couldn't care less....
  6. The Duckmeister

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    It's fine. The layup in that area is pretty thick, plus carbon is readily repairable. Nowhere near being considered a write-off.
    No it doesn't corrode, but exposed carbon laminate can absorb water over time through micro-pores between the fibres and resin, which can cause delamination. Sealing the area with clearcoat/nail polish/paint will prevent this osmosis.
  7. teK--

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    Similar on the underside of the fork on my Defy due to debris being caught in the fat 28mm tyres. I keep riding it.
  8. pharmaboy

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    Wow, I'm surprised everyone isn't telling you that it will catastrophically fail and you will fall into the path of a semi trailer! How much difference a couple of years makes ....

    Call it a win, also an opportunity to learn how to repair carbon which is easier to repair than aluminium.
  9. pink poodle

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    The only way to really know will be a test if fire. You'll need a large fire pit for a whole bike. Once the flames are really raging hang your frame over it, about 1m about the coals. If the frame survives 48hrs of continuous burn, you're good to go.
  10. Nambra

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    It's a roadie, why is everyone commenting? :behindsofa:

    Edit: And what poodle said too...
  11. The Duckmeister

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    Because it's still a bike; at least it's got that going for it.
  12. Nambra

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    Fair enough... Guess you could put a set on CX tyres on it.
  13. teK--

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    Why? Unless riding it on dirt.
  14. Nambra

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    Dirt is the preferred surface for 'burners, no?
  15. teK--

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    Definitely, but the Defy is not a CX bike so you wouldn't be putting dirt tyres on it anyway.
  16. The Duckmeister

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    Preferred maybe, but not the exclusive domain....
  17. Nambra

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    Sheesh fellas, it was meant in jest. Clearly I have a pisspoor sense of humour.
  18. creaky

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    Don't worry mate, roadies have no sense of humour. Have more to say but no time, I've gotta go shave my legs and gooch for tomorrow's coffee stop bunchie.
  19. schred

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    Mate pull your head in. JFC. Posting in a road thread.
  20. Nambra

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    Ok ok, I'm done here. Thread's been hijacked enough.

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