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The go so fast and so close to each other, Surprised it doesn't happen more often. Heal up Froomey. In related news, go Richie.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
Currently 12th in the dauphine. Appears to have had an ok time trial last night. Im cheering for him to get a top 10 at least.

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Whilst it is never good to see someone go down, this surely opens the Tour right up now.
Thomas will assume Sky/Ineos leadership and he isn't setting the world alight like last year.

Could be quite an exciting 3 weeks coming up (At least as far as the Tour goes - The other two grand tours are far better racing)


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No-one wants to have a bad crash, but I have little sympathy for allegedly doping cunts with expensive lawyers chronic Salbutemol huffers like Froome. I'm sure the rest of the dodgy INEOS (previously Sky) riders will motor along quite nicely without him.

Also, Ritchie Porte will never win the Tour de France. I would be happy for him if he did, but I just don't see it ever happening.

I will be watching the Tour for the Food and Wine, & Castle and Mountain porn though...