Game over for frame repairs


Crashed out somewhere
My repaired frame sits in the shed, still needs to be rebuilt one-day in the future. Nearly 10 years but it's the only one I can't bare to let go.


Yeah, yeah... blah, blah.
Wow... can't believe all the love in the room. Thank you guys... it's been an absolute blast and I don't just mean the actual repairing. Being a part of the Rotorburn/Farkin community has (without a doubt) been one of the most important and influential parts of GripSport's growth and I guarantee we wouldn't be where we are today without the support, feedback, arguments, bullshit, ideas, knowledge and friendship I've got from this "little" website over SOOOO many years. So a big thank you to Scott for actually providing the means for bringing us all together the way he has.

But it's not like I'm going anywhere though and while I just can not be as active on the site as I was in the past, I still lurk and get on for a sqizz when I can.

And I seriously wish there was someone we could recommend for frame repairs... so the whole thing could be kept going for those who need it.... but unfortunately no one else really bothered to tackle it seriously and, to be honest, I think the time may well have passed where it's a viable business option anymore.

Well, times change don't they. And as I said GripSport isn't going anywhere... we're just refining the direction a little. Check out our new website if you haven't already (it's 6 months old) and that will make the "direction" pretty clear. And don't be a stranger. Rotorburners and Farkiners are always welcome to drop in for a g'day and a looksee.



Eats Squid
Thanks Grip, you've always been a trenchant source of good sense around here :)

In terms of alternatives, I've needed a few frame repairs done over the years. I used Hillbrick twice for aluminium, although both repairs failed after less than a year - definitely a niche out there for engineered repairs rather than ad hoc.


Random Krishna
Thanks for the grave dig, O jacked one ...

Is there a welding business worthy of our $$$ for repairing Alu frames, now that Gripsport has stopped doing them?
Preferably Melbourne based, or @latheboy , perhaps?