Gaps from hub to forks, help please


Likes Dirt
Ok so here's the deal. Got some pikes for my bike (327). My old forks were QR so I bought a new hub today (Tuff Neck) and I ordered a Maxle today aswell, so I held the hub up to the forks and saw this

There is quite a large amount of space between the forks and the edges of the hub, Quite a while back I had 20mm and I seemed to remember it sitting flush with the edges of the forks but this was with a regular axle not a maxle so i pose the questions
  • Did I but the wrong hub?
  • Does the maxle sort of cover this up (for lack of a better phrase)
  • Will I need to space it out?


Likes Dirt
There should be 2 spacers that fit in that gap. The tuff necks have that so so they can run both quick release and 20mm. Either check the box or go ask the shop for them they should have been included if you brought new.