getting back in to it.


hey Guys,

haven't really ridden properly since i was 17 or so and i'm now 31.
few mates are getting in to a little bit of DH and pump tracks and trails again and im keen to have a stuff around.
I have a pretty much brand new specialised p.26 pro thats stock as a rock. I bought it new and had nobody to ride with so she sat in the shed till now.
Went and hit some of the mitcham trails and dinglydell pump track on the weekend and in the mud i couldn't put any power down or turn without sliding around.
looking at the frame i dont have much room at the back for an aggressive tyre at all.
what would be some suggestions for a more aggressive tyre set up and also pedals? should i be looking at a more appropriate bike than a DJ bike? if so whats some suggestions on something thats a bit more of an all rounder? seems bikes are changing a heap.
cheers for any responses.


All I can offer is to pick up a cheap second hand 26 inch frame, all mountain as such. At least mist parts will swap straight over, probably need different forks but I guess you have a 20mm front wheel.
Don't listen to anyone if they tell you the p2 is fine for off road, that's just crap.
You could probably sell your bike for enough to buy a cheap good one on gumtree. Just be prepared to put a bit of money or time into it.
I have picked up bargains that work well for under 500 bucks, dual suspension


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Have a look and see if you can get something like a maxxis ignighter in 26" still. Not a terrible tyre and were 2.1 or 2.2 from memory. I trail rode maxxis TT (larsen tt) on a agro hardtail for years.... shit in mud but no complaints in other conditions. Ultimately a dj bike is going to be an annoying trail bike.

Next thing would be to weigh up if you want a hardtail or dually depending on just what your mates are riding. A agro hardtail like commencal meta ht would cover a heap of riding conditions while keeping budget ok. If dually and your mates are hitting chunder 160mm bike or bigger. I have no probs trail riding a 160mm bike but it can be a little dull at smoother places so also have a hardtail with 150mm fork (which can hit everything the dually does....)